Rules and Regulations


All Divisions Except Workmanship - 4 entries per shower, per class
Workmanship - 2 entries per shower, per class

Bonus Bucks:  If you want to show more than 4 horses in any class, please do!  It will cost you $1.00 per horse for Halter and Workmanship.



  • This is a 3x5-card show. Standard Region 2 card format will be used. Showers need to provide a 3x5 index card for each entry; shower's name and horse's name go on one side, and the class number, breed, and gender of the horse go on the reverse.
"Horse Name"
Shower Name

Class #

  • Animal Artistry resins must show in the AR division. 

  • At the judge’s/showholder’s discretion, a shower may be asked to moved their entry to another class/division if the judge deems the entry incorrectly placed.

  • If a shower chooses to lay their entry down on the table rather than place it in a standing position, they give the judge the authority to pick up the horse for judging so that they can view the other side of the model.  The judge must be allowed to pick up the model for judging.

  • Judges: Decisions of the judges are final! Please do not question them while they are judging a class. If you have a question regarding a placing, please ask the judge politely and promptly after the class.

  • Please do not hover while the judge is judging a class! 

  • Do not touch any models other than your own unless you have the specific permission of the owner.

  • Anyone using bad behavior or language, or exhibiting poor sportsmanship, will be asked to leave the show hall with no refund. The judge's decisions are final. If you wish to question a judge, please use discretion.

  • Do not pick up anyone's belongings without permission. If you break it you pay for it!

  • Please refrain from interrupting the judges while they are judging a class.

  • NO SMOKING in the building. You may smoke outside, away from the door, as long as you properly dispose of the butts. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on the premises.

  • Please listen for all announcements!

Questions? Please ask the judge or one of the showholders.


General Class Information:  Classes may be split, combined or canceled, depending upon the number of entries, at the discretion of the judge and/or showholder.  If the number of entries is sufficient, minis will show in a separated area of the ring, but will not show in separate classes unless class size warrants a split.



Documentation for your horses is welcomed and is highly recommended for unusual breeds, colors or coat patterns.  Please don’t assume the judges know everything there is to know about every breed and color.  As a courtesy to other showers, please limit the size of your documentation to a maximum of 8-1/2 x 11 inches. Please do not include documentation for common breeds.


Refund Policy

Full refund can be made for requests received by 8:00PM on March 20th.  A 50% refund can be made for requests received by 8:00PM on April 6.  No refunds can be made after that time.


Team Entries:

Team entries (mother/daughter, sister) are considered as one entrant unless individual fees are paid for both.  Team models may be shown under either person’s name or barn name.  The team is allowed only four entries per class (or two entries per Workmanship class) unless full individual fees have been paid.


Proxy Showing: 

There is a flat fee of $20.00 for proxy showing with a maximum of 10 horses.  Table space will not be provided and the entry card must show the name of the horse owner and the proxy shower.



$1.00 per class; $5 per section, $15.00 per division.


Sponsorship Raffle:

Tickets for the sponsorship raffle will be given at the rate one ticket given for each donated item or sponsorship of a class, section, or division.


Raffles and Auctions:

Raffles will be held at 2:00pm or earlier as the show schedule dictates. We are gladly accepting donations for the raffles and silent auctions up to and including the show date.



We will have lunch available at the show due to the distance to local food options. Please see the main page for more information.



1. A Custom horse is an OF plastic horse that has been repainted, haired, and/or modified. All levels of modification are permitted.

2. A Custom Glazed horse is defined as a fired, non-production color.  Minor facial marking changes are not considered CG.  To be considered a production run color, a run must consist of more than 1 horse with the same color/markings and must be noted as such by the manufacturer.

3. An Artist Resin is defined as any artist-designed and released, or artist-made and released sculpture with no specific number of models in the run.  Repainted factory run chinas and resins, such as the Breyer releases, Animal Artistry and Northlights, will show in this division. 



Breed Classes: Best Representative of the Breed based on ABCs (Anatomy, Biomechanics and Conformation) and Workmanship.  Collectibility is not a consideration for this show.

Workmanship Classes:  Horses will be judged on the quality of the prep work and the paint job and the overall finish or glaze.  The quality of the sculpture and the ABCs of the sculpture will not be judged.

Solid horse class entries will have no stockings above the knee or hock, or anywhere else on the body; face markings are allowed.  Entries with any other coat colors will show in Color horse class.

China Collectibility: The horses will be judged on rarity, age, condition (absence of chips, breaks, and flaws), followed by overall judge's impression.  Please provide documentation specifying name of model, maker, years of production, rarity, and/or anything that makes this model special, where known.



Arabian: All purebred Arabian strains recognized by the Arabian Horse Registry. NOTE: The Shagya Arabian although of Arabian ancestry is not "of type" as recognized by AHR and should be shown in Other Sport.

Half-Arabian: All part Arabians of extreme Arab type show in this class. Part Arabians showing more type of their other half should show in Other Light/Part Breed, or where appropriate for their body type. For instance, a QuArab that appears more like a Pure Arab would be shown in Part Arabs in the Arab division, whereas a QuArab that appears more like a Quarter Horse would be shown in Other Stock/ Partbred in the Stock division.  National Show Horses- both gaited and non-gaited will show in NSH classes.

European Warmblood:  Examples are Belgian Warmblood, Budyonny, Danish Warmblood, Danubian, Dutch Gronigen, Dutch Warmblood, East Bulgarian, Finnish Universal, French Trotter, Gelderlander,  Hispano, Holstiener, Hungarian Warmblood, Irish Draft, Kadruber, Knabstrup, Latvia, Mecklenbury, Oldenburg, Rhinelander, Salerno, Selle Francais, Swedish Warmblood.

American Warmblood/Other Warmblood/Sport Horses: . Examples are Akhal Teke, American Sport Horse, Appaloosa Sport Horse, Canadian Sport Horse, Furious, Metis Trotter, Nonius, Terek, Waler, Westphalian and all other pure or part of the above breeds showing Warmblood characteristics, used for all aspects of combined training.

Carriage Breeds: Such as Cleveland Bay, Friesian, Hackney Horse, Norman Cob, Orlov Trotter, Welsh Cob, all other pure or part of the above breeds showing Cob, or Carriage characteristics, used for driving.

Gaited Horse: Any breeds exhibiting gaited characteristics, i.e. is NATURALLY inclined to perform gaits other than a walk, trot, and canter (such as a running walk, rack, foxtrot, etc.) A high trot does NOT constitute a specialized gait. The Spanish Walk is a movement that can be taught to any well-conformed breed and is not a gait. Spanish breed or descended breeds such as a Paso Fino or Peruvian Paso are encouraged but not required to show in Spanish Breeds, rather than here. Gaited Pony breeds should show here (Hackney, which is not gaited, go in Ponies) American Saddlebred (5 Gaited only) American Spotted Saddlehorse, Missouri Forxtrotter, TWH, Rocky Mountain Horse, Walkaloosa, all other pure or part breeds showing gaited characteristics.

Ponies: Any breed exhibiting pony characteristics of height and conformation, or those generally recognized as "pony." Gaited ponies (ponies which do more than a walk, trot, or canter-a high trot is NOT a specialized gait) should show in the Gaited Breeds. American Saddle Pony, American Shetland, American Walking Pony, Assateague, Bali, Basque, Batak, British Shetland, British Spotted Pony, Carmargue, Cayuse Indian Pony, Chincogeague, Chinese, Feel Pony, Galiceno, Hackney Pony, Marwari, Mongolian, Paint Pony, POA, Quarter Pony, Rocky Mountain Pony and any other pure or part ponies exhibiting pony characteristics, EXCEPT gaited pony breeds.

American Miniature HorsesPlease show your miniature horses in the Ponies section “Other Purebred/ Partbred”.

Stock Breeds: Any breed typically used for working stock, or of a body type considered as "stock", Appaloosa, Australian Stock Horse, Canadian Cutter, Colorado Rangerbred, Mustang, Paint, Quarter Horse. All breeds not listed that would be used in its native country or region for working stock or general ranch work. Any other pure- or part-breed exhibiting stock characteristics.

Draft Breeds: Any breed typically used for medium or heavy draft work, including pulling loads, farm work, etc. and exhibiting draft confirmation. Ardennais, Auxios, Belgian, Brabant, Boulannais, Breton, Clydesdale, Comtois, Dole Gubrandsdal, Dutch Draft, Suffolk Punch, Swedish Ardennes, Vladimer Heavy Draft and any pure or part breeds showing draft characteristics or conformation, used for heavy farm/harness work.

Spanish Breeds: Breed originating and perpetuated in the Spanish/Iberian region of Europe and any breed developed and now bred primarily in the New World (North and South America) with roots in the Spanish/Iberian region of Europe. Alter Real, Andalusian, Lipizzan, Lustiano, Azteca, Barb, Criollo, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, all other breeds pure or part exhibiting similar characteristics and bred primarily in the Spanish/Iberian region of Europe.

Other Purebreds: Unless there is a class whose specifications suit these breeds, this group to be shown in Other Purebreds: American Cream, Bahskir Curly, Brumby, Don, Kathiawari, Lokai, Malapolski, Turkoman, Wielopolski, all other pure or part breeds of light bone and confirmation, used for general riding purposes, harness and or light draft work. Partbreds should compete in the halter section best suited to their conformation and type.

Longears/Exotics: All non-domesticated, extinct, or living primitive breeds, including Donkeys, Burros, Mules, Przewalski, Tarpan/Wild Pony/ Wild Ass, Onager, Quagga, and Zebra.



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