February 28 - March 1, 2015
Davis, California

Show Location:

Davis Senior Center
646 A Street
Davis, CA 95616

Show Times:
Doors Open - 8:00am
Show Starts - 9:00am
Lunch - 12:30pm (approx.)


OF Plastic Breyer/Other: Breed - Caroline Boydston
OF Plastic Breyer/Other: Collectibility - Robin Kent
OF Stone - Heather Visser
Stone Collectibility - Cindy Ruth

OF Mini - Suzie Francis
OF China/Resin - Stacy Quick
Artist Resin/Custom Performance - Susan Gage

Custom Halter - Naomi Bisagno
Artist Resin Halter - Shawn McNeeley
Custom Glazed China - Stacy Quick
OF Performance - Susan Gage
Novice - Elaine Kent
Kids - Elain Kent

NAMHSA: Gold Country Model Horse Show is a NAMSHA-Approved member show; any horse placing 1st or 2nd in its NAN-qualifying class will recieve a NAN card and be eligible to enter the 2015-2018 North American Model Horse Shower's Association National Show. We are also a 2015 Breyer Live Show, and therefore will have a Breyer Sponsorship Prize to raffle as well as a Kids Division for those 12 and under.

Awards and Prizes: Custom ribbons to 5th place in all classes. Rosettes to Champions and Reserves.

Raffle: A number of items will be available for raffle at the show. Please let Robin know if you have items you would like to donate to the raffle.

Lunch: There are a number of lunch options nearby. We will provide recommendations and details at the show.

Directions and Hotels: Information and recommendations available here.

If you have any questions regarding the show (classes, judges, etcetera), please send them to Robin Kent; if you have questions about the location (booking rooms, directions, meals) please contact Marie Sobieski.


Join us for two days of horsing around!